Reports are coming in that Time Warner Cable has allegedly made history by becoming the first cable company to have a net neutrality complaint filed against them.  

According to the Washington Post, in a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Monday, Commercial Network Services (CNS) filed a complaint against TWC, claiming that it's being charged "unjust rates to deliver its streaming Webcam video to consumers," violating the FCC's "no paid polarization" and "no throttling" aspects of the net neutrality rulebook.  

The Register reports that the San Diego company alleged TWC is acting as a "gatekeeper" and "restricting the open exchange of Internet traffic," claiming that the cable company only offers access to "high-latency links unless it pays extra."  Essentially, CNS wants TWC to carry its traffic for free. 

TWC contends on the other hand that they are behaving on par with industry standards.  The cable company released a statement to the Post and the Register stating:

"Most companies like Commercial Network Services purchase transit service from one of the many commercial operators that interconnect with Time Warner Cable, and such transit providers have ample capacity available at low, market-based rates. TWC also offers comparable transit service at a competitive price...TWC's interconnection practices are not only 'just and reasonable' as required by the FCC, but consistent with the practices of all major ISPs and well-established industry standards. We are confident that the FCC will reject any complaint that is premised on the notion that every edge provider around the globe is entitled to enter into a settlement-free peering arrangement." 

It's unclear where the FCC will stand on the issue.  As Brian Fung at the Post reports, the FCC's rules only cover the internet service between "a consumer's device and his Internet provider."  It does not necessarily apply to the service provided between the cable company and a website.  

Think CNS' complaint is legit?  This is a tough one to wrap our heads around.  If you have any insight, sound off below!  

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