Reports are coming out that more than a dozen churches are using a facial recognition software to keep track of attendance.  The surveillance state continues!

God bless technology? 

More than two dozen churches across the globe allegedly have adopted a new way of keeping track of church attendance.  

The system is called Churchix.  

The tagline...wait for it..."Know Your Members."  

The software was reportedly designed by Face-Six, an Israel- and Las Vegas-based company.  The CEO, Moshe Greenshpan, had the following words of wisdom to share with Churchmag

"Church events are the church way to interact with its members, and naturally the attendance to those events is very important..."Event attendance stats help the church to measure the success of each event, see what event types are more popular than others and also track the attendance of specific members."

Greenshpan allegedly declined to name any of the churches who are currently using the software.  As Kashmir Hill at Fusion reports, this makes it impossible to verify any of his claims.  

What do you think vigilant viewers?  Harmless tool or over-the-top technology?  Sound off below!

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