The veteran political consultant has worked with Reagan to H.W. Bush to George W. Bush. So how does he feel about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s run for president in 2016?

Veteran political consultant Roger Stone has worked in eight Republican presidential campaigns. Though he’s since turned his back on the GOP and now is a member of the Libertarian Party, he certainly has the experience and understanding of what it takes to run a campaign for presidency.

When Jesse Ventura asked Stone his thoughts on Chris Christie’s presidential run, Stone certainly didn’t mince his words.

“Chris Christie is not out of the woods legally in New Jersey,” Stone said.  “He has had nine credit downgrades during his time as Governor. He has a $10 billion shortfall for which he’s going to have to raise gasoline taxes.”

And for the final verdict, Stone - who worked with Republican idols President Reagan as well as President George H.W. Bush - doesn't think Christie's the right guy to take up the mantle.  

“Chris Christie is a failed governor,” Stone continues. “What’s he going to say, ‘I’ll do for America what I did for New Jersey?’  New Jersey is broke.”

Mic drop.

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