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Maurizio Figoli From the UK asks: What are the chances of Jeb Bush becoming the next president of the US?

Jesse Says: I think they’re probably 50-50 with Hillary Clinton. We’ll either have King Jeb or Queen Hillary. Maurizio ought to be able to relate to that in Britain.

Janeen Tucker from Austin Texas asks: Do you really think we can turn the United States around? Or is it too late?

Jesse Says: I really believe we can if the lemmings will get off their asses and start fighting for their freedoms again the way generations did before us. When I say, “fighting” it doesn’t have to be violent. The fight can be at the ballot box. We the people are still in charge. We still have the vote. The problem is we’re not exercising our power. We’re being a bunch of lemmings who are hiding our heads in the sand. Nobody wants to put their ass on the line, and it’s pathetic because the United States of America was at one time a country that always put its ass on the line.

James Bauernschmidt from Maryland asks: Matthew Hoh said in his recent interview that the war in the Middle East is essentially all about oil. So what's the solution?

Jesse Says: The solution is getting off fossil fuel and oil. It’s an old method of power. It’s a century old. We’re into a new century; we need a new source of power. We need to go back into science and learn that fossil fuel is not the answer. There are alternatives out there. We just need to break their stranglehold, and their stranglehold is, of course, economics and money. Our entire economy is based on a fossil fuel industry. We need to change that. Germany’s done it. They’ve gone 70% – 80% green. They’ve invested that way. They’ve created jobs that way. The United States used to be a leader, but now with the Democrats and Republicans of today we are nothing like leaders. We are followers.

Anthony Logan from California writes: Can we, as American citizens, sue the Federal Reserve?

Jesse Says: I doubt it. I’m not a lawyer so you’d better consult one. But I’m certain you can’t. 

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