ABC15 Investigators reports Officer Doug Rose of the Chandler, Arizona Police Department, illegally entered the home of Esmeralda Rossi and arrested her while she was naked. 

Reports claim Rossi had been in the shower when officers showed up at her home to check up on a phone call they say they received earlier regarding an argument between Rossi and her estranged husband. 

“I was in the shower,” Rossi told ABC15 Investigators. “My daughter came to the shower and said there are two officers at the door. So I just grabbed a towel.”

When Rossi answered the door, she allegedly discovered Officer Doug Rose and a second officer--who has since been cleared of any wrongdoing. 

Rossi says Officer Rose approached her aggressively.

“It made me very uncomfortable," she said. "So I closed the door. I turn to go into my living room, and I probably get about five steps in; and all of a sudden, I just hear boots running in after me, telling me stop or I’ll arrest you.”

Chandler Police internal investigators have reviewed the incident and determined that Rose entered the home illegally without probable cause. It was also noted that Rose hadn't documented arresting Rossi or the fact that she was naked.

For the rest of the story in Rossi's words, check out the video first revealed by ABC15 Investigators below. 

Video courtesy of ABC15 Investigators via YouTube. 

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