The Guardian reports Jeb Bush has refused to end the United State's use of torture if he becomes president. He says he doesn’t want to make ‘a definitive, blanket type of statement’ when it comes to torture. 

Jeb Bush, this is an outrage. You have opened yourself up to be a war criminal.

You're just another person that never served in the military so he doesn’t know a thing about it. You're making it so that other countries will then torture our soldiers too. If torture is allowed, then we’re going to get tortured too.

I always thought that the United States was above all that, but I guess your brother already showed me that we’re not. We’re willing to stoop so low that we will use torture.

You're essentially saying that you would consider using torture.This should completely disqualify you from the running. The President of the United States should not be a war criminal.

-Jesse Ventura

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