An Interactive Database of all the deaths caused by police in 2015 has been created





The Guardian has released an interactive database of all the people killed by police in the US this year. Titled The Counted, it breaks down the number of deaths many different ways:

  • Race
  • State
  • Cause
  • Gender
  • If they were armed or unarmed
  • Age

According to The Guardian, this database is complied by using news reports and witness statements. It will also depend on vigilant citizens to report on any deaths in their area, which will then be verified. They will also use sites such as Fatal Encounters and Killed by Police, which also report on deaths by police. The US government does not have a comprehensive record of the number of people killed by police, which is why information like this is necessary. 

Here is a quick rundown of some information provided:

  • Total number of deaths by police in 2015: 682
  • Deaths since August 1st: 8
  • The top 3 states are listed as California:111, Texas: 70, and Florida: 45.
  • Under 18 years old: 12
  • Women: 29
  • Men: 654
  • Killed by gunshots: 593
  • Unarmed: 147

These are just a few of the shocking statistics on deaths by police. While this website serves the good purpose of keeping citizens informed, the fact that it is even needed is a reflection on what our society has become. The most jarring thing about the database is the ticker that sits at the top left corner, with its number ready to move up already anticipating another death.

-Saher Khalil : OTG Team

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