An investigation is ongoing after Egyptian forces allegedly mistake Mexican tourists as militants and kill them while hunting in a desert near Cairo.

An investigation is ongoing after Egyptian security forces killed a group of tourists, allegedly mistaking them for a group of militants. They were hunting in the desert near Cairo, according to Egypt’s interior ministry.

A total of 12 people were killed and 10 were wounded on Saturday when military and police fired at four vehicles — carrying tourists— while forces were pursuing militants in an area.

Mena, Egypt's state run newspaper stated that the tourists were in cars not authorized for tours, and the Egyptian ministry of tourism spokesperson told the Associated Press the tour company “did not have permits and did not inform authorities."

The attack happened within a so-called restricted area.

However CNN reported the head of the tour guides union disputed the state-run media account saying the police representative inspected all car licenses before leaving the hotel in Cairo.

Among the victims were Mexican nationals and Egyptian citizens.

Mexico City reporters were told the tourists “suffered an aerial attack with bombs launched from an airplane and helicopters."

Mexico’s president condemned the incident and demanded Egypt to closely investigate what happened.

According to the Daily Beast, at least two of the people that were injured from the Mexican tour group were dual U.S. citizens. They are currently being treated at a local hospital.

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