Everybody has an opinion about Bernie Sanders' proposed tax plan: from actor Rob Lowe, who tweeted Sanders is "hectoring and yelling at me WHILE he's saying he's going to raise our taxes," to House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, who is pushing back on Sanders by claiming the Democratic party is "not running on any platform of raising taxes."

So Bernie Sanders wants to raise taxes.  Is that a bad thing?  Not necessarily.

But there’s different approaches on how to do this, even better ones.

For example, if we would bring our troops home and cut the defense spending, we wouldn’t have to raise taxes, you’d have a surplus of money.

You’re talking about $1.7 trillion that have been flushed down the toilet fighting these wars abroad.

What could we have done with that money back here at home?

I don’t see anything wrong with raising certain taxes, especially on the one percent.  If you make over $100 million a year, what difference does it make how much you pay in taxes?  It probably won’t change your lifestyle, will it?

Absolutely not.

-Jesse Ventura 


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