The director of the FBI doesn’t want you to use technology to encrypt your personal data. He said that for your safety the feds should have unrestricted access to everything you store in a cloud or a hard drive, write in e-mail, or send in a text. Security, he says, trumps privacy. Tech specialists warn, however, that giving the FBI such access would necessarily open doors to data that could be exploited.

Your privacy will absolutely get exploited! If they need a warrant to go into your house, then they should have a warrant to get into your computers and personal information.

It’s a government takeover. It falls right in line with people who sit there and say,“I don’t care what they do to me, just make me safe.” You think the government isn’t going to abuse it and exploit it if they’re given the opportunity?

They’re supposed to work for us, not the other way around. They should not have any rights to your private data. The government cannot keep you safe and allow you to be free. So the question is, do you want safety or do you want freedom? I don’t think the government can give you both.

-Jesse Ventura


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