Edward Snowden recently said he would return to America if the government guaranteed him a fair trial and allowed the jury to distinguish between “right and wrong.” 

“I’ve told the government I would return if they would guarantee a fair trial where I can make a public interest defense of why this was done and allow a jury to decide," Snowden told an audience at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum via video link.

But if I were Edward Snowden, I would be very reluctant to return because I don’t think he’ll get one.

That’s my knee-jerk reaction.  I would be very careful if I were him.  I wouldn’t necessarily trust that he would get a fair trial.

I’ll put it this way: If I were Snowden, I think that the only way I would make that move is to stipulate that the trial is televised.  This way, the American people can watch the testimony. If this were to happen, put it on TV.  You don’t have to rely on mainstream media’s interpretation of it because now it’s controlled, it’s out there. People can be their own jury.  They can see the evidence for themselves and determine if he deserves to go to jail for what he did.  Plus, it would probably get some good ratings on the business end of it.  I’m sure the media wouldn’t mind that.  That would be answer to Mr. Snowden.  Have the trial televised.

-Jesse Ventura


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