The Governor sounds off on the two anti-establishment candidates for both the Democrats and Republicans, who've taken the country by storm.   What was once a sure-thing for Hillary Clinton, doesn't seem as likely anymore.   And Donald Trump's rise has overtaken the conversation this election season.

It’s getting too late for the two political parties.

The GOP cannot band together at this point to beat Donald Trump, who seems to be taking a huge lead in the polls.  Donald Trump is gaining so much momentum, the Republicans are not going to be able to stop him at this point.  I don’t know what it means for the GOP, but it clearly shows that there’s a revolution happening in this country on both the right and the left.

Both anti-establishment candidates on either side, Bernie Sanders and Trump, are doing well or winning in their respective parties.

As much as I would love to see Bernie Sanders win the Democratic nomination, right now Hillary Clinton has secured 502 delegates, compared to Bernie’s 70 delegates.

The fix is in.

Shame on the Democrats for being hoodwinked by Hillary Clinton.  As soon as she gets the nomination, she will veer right back to the corporations and big banking institutions she’s relied on in the past. This the sad part about it: we should have ended with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump as our nominees, not Hillary and Trump.  Then you would see the completion of a revolution.

But at least it’s out there now: it’s becoming clear that there is a large number of Americans who are not satisfied with how our government works.  The people are not happy.

-Jesse Ventura


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