Jesse Ventura wonders whether the Republican and Democratic parties would ever allow anti-establishment candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders secure their parties' nominations.

The super delegates are with Hillary Clinton.  That’s the fix.

If it happens that Bernie Sanders finds his way to the nomination, I’ll be the first to say “Hooray, hooray, hooray.”  If it happens, it’s wonderful.  But I’m also a realist.  Hillary Clinton reportedly managed to secure more super delegates than Sanders in Michigan, even though he took the state.  The fix is in. The Democratic people are not picking their candidate; the elites are.  And the last person they want nominated is someone who’s waging war on the elites.

I also still have problems believing Trump is going to get it too.  

On the Republican side, there are reports that Marco Rubio may be trying to broker the Republican convention.  Rubio is a puppet.  Gov. Christie exposed him in that one debate.  I could see Rubio wanting to get a brokered convention because that’s the only way a puppet like him can win: by having the elites select him so he can continue to be their puppet. Rubio is your puppet candidate.

I have a feeling that both Trump and Sanders could get shut out by their respective parties in the end.

-Jesse Ventura


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