The Governor sounds off on the immigration hysteria and the proposals coming from Donald Trump.  Is this really what the American people want? A wall surrounding our southern border?

I sat and listened to Donald Trump the other day. 

They discussed this wall they’re going to build -- and yet, not one word about walling off Canada?  Didn’t those alleged 9/11 hijackers come down from Canada? There are drugs that come from the Canadian border.  Don’t kid yourself.  This is total, complete racism.  My alternative to that is when I bring the U.S. military home, if the people want the borders guarded, we will guard them with the United States military.  Then we would truly be protecting America, wouldn’t we?

This is, of course, not something I want to do.  It’s not my first choice, but, let’s face it, government is about compromise.  The compromise here would be: I get to bring the troops home, and because people seem to be asking for border protections, we can use the military to guard our borders.

Immigration is an all or none proposition.  You either discriminate or you don’t.  You can’t just limit it to Mexicans or Muslims.  Rather than being discriminatory, then you should cut off all immigration into the United States. 

This way, we can take down the Statue of Liberty, and truly call ourselves the New East Berlin.

Is this really what the people want?  It’s not what I want personally.  But this is my trade-off.

-Jesse Ventura


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