The Associated Press states that hundreds of schools across the country have discovered unsafe amounts of lead in the water.   According to the report, Environmental Protection Agency data analyzed by the Associated Press "showed that 278 violated federal lead levels at some point during the past three years" among schools that operated with their own water systems.   What's more disconcerting is the fact that only about 1 out of every 10 schools in the country is required to conduct lead testing.

This is exactly what I’ve been harping about for some time.  We need to start taking care of our own citizens and our own country.

Stop channeling money throughout the world, stop placing money into the Middle East wars.  If we stop spending on our wars abroad, we would have plenty of money to spend on our own infrastructure. This is what we ought to be doing.

Quit worrying about what goes on on the other side of the ocean.  Let them solve their own problems.  If we were smart, we’d get out of there, as we’re the root of the problem.

This is such a crucial issue.  Only one out of ten schools is required to test for safe drinking water?  This is ridiculous.  We should be talking about these issues, but we’re not.  This should cause panic.  But since when do Democrats and Republicans worry about these crucial issues? They worry about who’s paying.  They worry about who’s footing the bill.  All they do is fundraise!  That’s all!

The whole system is broken. The only way to fix this system now is via campaign finance reform.

To top it off, the government doesn’t want stories like this out there.  They’d rather not deal with the backlash over this when Americans everywhere discover there’s lead in the water.  That would implicate our government, forcing them to answer questions on what they knew and when they knew it.

When issues like this pop up, and people start noticing, that paves the way for politicians like Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  That’s why I believe you’re going to see war arise pretty soon: once our government starts a war, everyone forgets about our domestic problems.  And we have a ton of them.

Yet, ever since 9/11, we’ve allowed ourselves to be dictated by war, forgetting our own country in the process.

-Jesse Ventura


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