And why we should abolish the income tax.

Believe it or not, I learned all about the consumption tax from Rep. Dick Armey, Republican from Texas.  He was a big supporter of the national sales tax. It’s a pretty simple concept actually.

My belief is that wealth is not what you earn, it’s what you spend.

That’s what determines how wealthy you are. It isn’t about how much money you earn, it’s about how much you buy.

The consumption tax would abolish the income tax.  The government would become dependent upon a healthy economy. It would have a direct line to keep the economy strong, encouraging us to buy goods in order to provide the government money. Right now, it works the opposite way.  The government gets its money, guaranteed, from you.  It doesn’t care what you buy because it already has your money in the pocket.  You receive what the government allows you to have.

By switching to a consumption tax, or a national sales tax, this will, in turn, make the citizen number one.

The tax would be paid upon purchase.  And get this: if you work, you’d get the total of your payment.  You would chose what you pay in taxes based on what you buy.  If you don’t want to pay taxes this week, don’t buy anything.  Your tax obligations are down to zero.  But when you make a purchase, you keep the economy going.

You’d never have to face an audit again.  There wouldn’t be any deductions.  There wouldn’t be any tax forms. It would simplify the entire system.  It would help prevent people from going into debt.

What would happen with Internal Revenue Services?  You’d reverse their role. You would make them the watchdogs of the businesses and government, as opposed to the American people.

It makes too much sense, doesn’t it?  Therefore, we can’t have that in America.

But you want a revolution? 

Here’s your revolution.

-Jesse Ventura


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