The New York Times article on Donald Trump.  The Nevada Democratic Party against Bernie Sanders.  All these attacks on Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders because they’re not part of the status quo. I’ll tell you what though: they’re only getting stronger because the more they attack them, the more people like me start feeling sympathy for them.

I'm feeling it for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

Many of the issues they're attacking them for are ridiculous.  Our country's set-up so that we're supposed to be a people's government. You're not supposed to be a career politician. You're supposed to go serve, bring your life experiences with you, get out, and go back to what you're used to doing.  Trump is being attacked for not being a career politician. As for Sanders, well, CNN should call themselves the Clinton News Network.  They're totally dishonest.  Because throughout their election coverage, they never reveal the fact that their parent corporation is a large contributor to Hillary Clinton.

To be clear, I haven't thrown any support behind Trump or Sanders. I'd like to know who’s perpetrating this myth. I recall watching TV, and they showed my picture along with certain high-profile personalities who’ve publicly endorsed Trump.  I went crazy when I saw that.  Where does mainstream media get off?

The only thing I’ve said about Donald Trump AND Bernie Sanders is that I loved what they were both doing to the parties.  I even quantified it: I differ with Donald Trump completely on immigration, and I differ with Donald Trump on the war with ISIS.  Why would I endorse someone who I have such vast differences with on policy? That would be like me endorsing Jeb Bush!  I wouldn't endorse Jeb Bush.  And I haven't endorsed Donald Trump.

But I do love that Trump’s fractured the Republican party.  And what I love is that there's the possibility, say four or five years from now, that we could see four political parties in the United States.  It's not beyond comprehension now.  If that happens, tip your hat to Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for what they did.

I don't have to endorse Trump or Sanders to like what they’re doing.  And I don't endorse either of them, not yet.  But if mainstream media keeps pissing me off...

Bottom line: the whole election is fraudulent.

-Jesse Ventura

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