In a CNN interview with host Jake Tapper, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he supports DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Democratic opponent, Tim Canova, in the August 30th primary for Florida’s 23trd congressional district.  He also informed Tapper that, if he wins the Democratic nomination for presidency, he wouldn’t reappoint Wasserman Schultz as head of the DNC.  This is in the wake of the much-debated Nevada convention last week, where Sanders’ supporters protested because they felt the system was rigged in favor of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.  Jesse Ventura sounds off.

Wake up, people!  There’s corruption in both the Democratic & Republican parties.

What more do people need to realize that these political parties don't have their best interest in mind?  It's all about self-promotion and self-preservation. They'll stoop to any level, even the Democrats.

Each is as bad as the other.  They have no integrity whatsoever. They have no honor.  It all goes back to what I keep telling people, over and over again: when you sell your soul to corporations simply for the money, how can you be trusted? It's that way with both parties.

No scandal in either party will surprise me anymore.  Both parties will cheat; anything that will give them more power, they’ll do.  Being honorable isn’t on their agenda.

I’m someone who’s dealt with both.  My last year in office, I had both Democrats and Republicans as my adversaries. At a certain point during my time in office, I was the most powerful man in America, simply because I was the only person that could get each party together.  Still, neither was above doing what they could to get rid of me.  And now you’re seeing that with Bernie Sanders. I chuckle when I read about what's happening with the Democrats, especially in Nevada.  It doesn't surprise me.

Read my book DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans. It will spell it out for you. And again, my apologies to the Crips and Bloods for using their names like that.

-Jesse Ventura


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