A new study by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that 6 in 10 Americans view the economy as “poor,” and less than 25 percent expect to see improvement in the near future.  Among the report’s more gloomy findings, the researchers found that most American workers haven’t seen a single salary increase in years, with 46 percent claiming stagnant wages, while 16 percent claim they’ve suffered pay cuts.

The jobs that are available right now are not high paying jobs.  You’re not going to get an offer that can support your family.  You’re going to have to get two jobs to support your family because they’re low-wage.

The unions have been destroyed.  The gap between the average worker and the executive has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, to where if something doesn’t happen soon, it’s all going to implode.

I do not buy that notion - especially from these jobs reports that are released by our own government - that the economy is wonderful.  I don’t buy into that.

The jobs that are out there are minimum wage jobs.  They’re the kind of jobs which you don’t get a lot of benefits from.

It’s an election year, and the Democrats will try to make the economy appear strong for their platform.  Now, they’ll try and get Hillary Clinton into office to carry on “Obama’s legacy.”  That’s what the Democratic side is attempting to do.  As for the Republicans - well they don’t even have a platform.  No one knows what they’re thinking.  But you have to have a positive outlook!  Look on the bright side, at least Donald Trump will let you go into any bathroom in his hotel!

Bottom line: I personally cannot corroborate these figures, but they strike me as true.  I tend to think our situation is more dire than they tell us.  But from the conversations I’ve had with everyday folk, I certainly don’t think the economy is robust as they’re trying to make it.

-Jesse Ventura


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