Recent polls place Bernie Sanders is well ahead of Donald Trump, beating him by double digits, whereas Hillary Clinton and Trump are neck-and-neck, with Trump sometimes clearing Clinton by single digit points.

The superdelegates will put Hillary Clinton over the top for the Democratic nomination, regardless of these polls. In a perfect world, if they were to pick the best candidate to take on Trump, it absolutely would be Bernie Sanders.

It’s a fix.

I’ve always maintained that from day one.

Sanders for one doesn’t have the negatives that Hillary Clinton is fighting.  Most people like him. Of course, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him be the VP pic. To Hillary, this isn’t about standing for something.  This is simply about winning the election and she will do anything and everything to win, even if it means bringing Bernie Sanders in as your VP.  If there’s a big enough threat that Bernie Sanders’ supporters are not going to vote for her, then she’s going to have to make a difficult decision.  Bringing Sanders in as the VP would be the smartest move she could make in my opinion, especially if she’s there just to win.

On the other side of the aisle, Trump is gaining more momentum again, because of Big Media.  The media attacks him and attacks him and attacks him, and now people are reacting back, telling mainstream media, and the rest of the status quo — excuse my french — “F--- you.”  They’re essentially saying, “If we vote for Donald Trump, and he wins, there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.”  I love seeing the voters respond that way.  I give kudos to Donald Trump for being able to get that out of them.

But Bernie Sanders could continue to campaign.  And if Clinton decides to put him on the ticket, he could continue to unite the party to beat Trump.  It still may not work.  But that’s a possibility.

-Jesse Ventura


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