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Travis Irvine is a journalist, comedian, independent filmmaker and unsuccessful politician. He performs stand-up all over the country, and wrote and directed a horror/satire film about killer raccoons called Coons! Night of the Bandits of the Night, which is available from the cult film company Troma Entertainment. In 2007, Travis ran for mayor of his hometown and turned the experience into a short documentary, American Mayor, which was featured at the Cannes Film Festival in 2010. Travis ran for Congress that same year in Ohio, and his campaign/comedy videos have been featured on The Jay Leno Show, PBS’s NewsHour, The Huffington Post and Funny Or Die. He was also once on The People's Court. A recent graduate of Columbia University's School of Journalism, Travis is also a contributor to The Guardian, The Huffington Post, .Mic and appears regularly on HuffPost Live. He currently lives and performs between New York City and Ohio.