Tonight on PoliticKING: Richard Dreyfuss

Oscar award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss joins Larry King to discuss his initiative to bring American civics back to the classroom. 

"Schools used to turn kids into citizens. We’ve lost that." - Richard Dreyfuss tells Larry King tonight on PoliticKING

Is it time to revive American civics as a subject in public schools? Have we failed a whole generation by not stressing the importance of understanding how we’re governed? Richard Dreyfuss tells Larry King unequivocally, yes.

Richard Dreyfuss explains civic values such as civility, clarity of thought, and the importance of dissent are not inherited at birth. He feels the ideas must be taught, and the younger the better.In light of the changing demands on the education system due to the No Child Left Behind initiative and Common Core standards, civics has seen its allocation of time greatly diminished.  Younger generations now have little to no connection to our founding documents and political system, whereas past generations were explicitly taught the history of our country and how it functions on the state and federal level.

Dreyfuss argues that in order for our children to be effective citizens, they must understand the development of America so they know how our political structure is unique and exceptional. 

The Dreyfuss Civics Initiative plans to educate citizens on the power they have as well as giving future generations the skills they need to be intelligent citizens. 

He shares this philosophy and more tonight on PoliticKING. 

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Or watch Richard Dreyfuss give a TED TALKS about bringing civics back to the classroom:

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