Tonight on PoliticKING: When Technology Turns Against Us

Corporations, criminals & governments are increasingly turning technology against us. But how vulnerable are we? Larry examines the flip-side of our digital dependence & the surprising risks we expose ourselves to each day.

‎Internet, Cyberspace, and Technology Lawyer Salar Atrizadeh and Global Security Advisor Marc Goodman join Larry tonight on PoliticKING to discuss our digital dependent world and technological crimes of the not-so-distant future. 

Today's world is becoming increasingly transparent online, and that has implications, both bright and dangerous. Marc Goodman, who studies the future of crime and terrorism, states "quite frankly I’m afraid." Tonight on PoliticKING, he brings awareness to how technological advances meant for good can easily be used for evil purposes, and how technology's rapid development could allow crime to take a turn for the worse.

For an example of this, Goodman discussed how the 3D printer, the future of manufacturing, can easily be used to create a 3D-printed gun and a printable silencer. Watch his TEDTalk here

Salar Atrizadeh describes digital threats to personal privacy and Fourth Amendment rights on his blog. For instance, he explains how "the rapid development of cell phone technology has outpaced the development of privacy laws." The GPS feature on smart phones, something we rely on every day, can easily be turned against us if law enforcement is allowed unlimited, unwarranted access to all data on a suspect's phone. Thus, this everyday convenience can be used to develop incriminating evidence. Today's courts must consider in what situations law enforcement should acquire a warrant first before accessing a person's GPS information. 

So how can we avoid having these tools meant to make our lives easier and more efficient from being turned against us? Tune in to tonight's PoliticKING to find out. 

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