Tonight on PoliticKING: Larry Flynt

Larry Flynt, the outspoken king of the 'Hustler' empire & free speech crusader, tells what he really thinks about Hillary Clinton. Plus, why he considers himself a feminist -- of sorts.

Tonight on PoliticKING, Larry Flynt goes on the record to support Hillary Clinton's run for the White House.

He admits that she probably "doesn't need" his endorsement "or care" that he supports her decision to run. 

However, his reasons to endorse Clinton are based on his hopes that she makes new appointments in the Supreme Court, so that the court's rulings become more liberal.  

“We’ve had a right-leaning court for half a century,” Flynt says. “But if Hillary gets in, chances are she’s going to have an opportunity to appoint two, maybe three justices … and we could shift the balance there.”

Flynt also weighs in on police brutality in Ferguson and Baltimore and gives his viewpoint on if the majority of police officers are in fact racists. 

As a self-proclaimed feminist, Flynt discusses the nationwide pay gap between men and women, and why the women of his Hustler empire are not paid the same as men. 

Larry Flynt joined Larry King on "Larry King Now" in 2012. In the interview, he comments on how the church and government control sexuality to control the public.

Watch Flynt comment on church and government censorship here:  

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