ICYMI: Top 5 PoliticKING Moments

In case you missed last night's PoliticKING . . .

1. Forbes Writer Gordon Chang discloses if China is behind the latest massive cyber-security breach affecting some 4-million current and former federal employees.

Larry asks Chang: Some national security experts recently say, forget ISIS, China is the next real threat to America. You buy that?

CHANG: I think so, in the sense that ISIS can kill Americans but they can’t kill America. China is a state. It has the means to destroy the U.S. with it’s weapons of mass destruction. It is actually planning this. It talks about it all the time in state media. In October 2013, Chinese state media across all of it’s platforms talked about how submarines could launch ballistic missiles and kill tens of millions of Americans. So this is a threat that we have to take seriously and we haven’t done that for a long time. Because we’ve tried to integrate China into the international system. But the Chinese don’t want that. So we have to face the fact that we face a hostile power.  

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2. Chairman of VoteVet.org Jon Soltz weighs in on the U.S. involvement in Iraq to help contain & kill ISIS.

Larry asks Soltz: Do you support the idea that if we had not gone into Iraq, there would be no ISIS?

SOLTZ: Well I 100 percent support that idea, mostly because I was part of the initial invasion, or the months after in May of 2003, I entered Iraq and then I was one of the last advisors out in 2011.And really in Iraq what we did was take the power away from the minority Sunni away from Saddam’s allies and we handed it to the Iranians, and as the Bush administration pushed democracy and signed the SOFA agreement with the Iraqi government the leading influencer of the Shia religious factions that gain control through popular vote was the Iranians—and they didn’t want the Sunni to have any power in the state.So ISIS really fed out of that momentum and that idea that first off the Shia and the Iranians would dominate the state, and second off that the Sunni aspects and Sunni parts of the new Iraq wouldn’t get access to the revenue producing areas where the oil are in more the Shia and Kurdish regions. 

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3. Michael Reagan, the son of former Pres. Ronald Reagan & a survivor of sexual abuse, blasts Christian-conservatives for hypocrisy over the Josh Duggar sex scandal.

Larry asks Michael Regan: What’s your thoughts about the scandal of the Duggar family? The two reality stars of 19 kids and counting get involved in...

REAGAN: Well I said something about that in an op-ed piece. As Mike Huckabee, I certainly wouldn’t call itmistake. Child sexual abuse is not a mistake. And if you want to say it was a mistake the first time. What was it the second time? What was it the third time? With these young girls. Again, it’s.. We have a tendency, conservatives, maybe liberals do also, to always protect people we like no matter what they do. We don't find guilt in them as we find guilt in someone else. And as I said in the op-ed piece, I said, “If Barack Obama was found that he had sexually abused his niece when he was 14, would the Republican party and Mike Huckabee be referring to it as a mistake? No, talk radio would be going nuts about it. And we have to look at it as not a mistake it is a felony.

4. Michael Reagan weighs in on Caitlyn Jenner coming out as a Republican. 

Larry asks Reagan: Lindsay Graham says that Caitlyn Jenner is welcome in his Republican Party but most GOP presidential hopefuls are not talking about Caitlyn. And some conservatives are upset by the attention because Caitlyn came out as a Republican. What’s your reaction to that story.

REAGAN: I’ve known Bruce Jenner for a long time. I’ve played golf with him. And I thought it was kind of good he came out as a Republican. He’s probably going to get in more trouble for being a Republican than he is for becoming a woman. It’s going to be interesting to see how this all plays out.

KING: Do you wish him well?

REAGAN: Listen, I wish him well, I really do.

5. Michael Reagan wants to see Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Presidential nominee because he feels she'll be easy to beat. He'll actually vote for her in the primary to ensure she's the candidate to beat.  

KING: In an interview last month you said you intended to vote for Hillary Clinton in the California presidential primary, why?

REAGAN: Absolutely, I want her to be a nominee.If we can’t beat Hillary Clinton why are we—

KING: Oh so there’s nefarious needs

REAGAN: Absolutely right, I think we vote for people who are likable, relatable.I don’t think Hillary Clinton relates to anybody, or is likable, I think you’ll find that out more and more in polls she does make a good candidate.I mean my God, Barack Obama beat her.I mean if we can’t beat Hillary Clinton we’ve got some real problems.But what we can do is beat up on each other.24 hours a day, and find the negatives in all of our candidates, we need to be looking for the positives in our candidates instead of the negatives in our candidates.

KING: So you think Hillary is very beatable?

REAGAN: Oh Absolutely.

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