Tonight on PoliticKING: Ron Paul

Ron Paul tells Larry King why Rand has a better shot at the White House than he did.

Tonight on PoliticKING, Former Republican congressman and three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul tells Larry King why his son Senator Rand Paul stands a better chance at winning the presidency then he did. 

Why he thinks Fox News "has a very powerful agenda" and "a sort of monopoly" for the Republican presidential debates.

Plus, what he really thinks of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement: 

Well, I’m not for it and the main reason is it’s an illegal transfer of power, so even if there happens to be something good in it, you don’t sacrifice the Constitution. The Constitution is very clear that the Congress has the authority to regulate commerce. You can't just say to the president, you can do whatever you want, and a matter of fact, they have agreed in this policy, that what they put into this, they can keep information secret. And it’ll be as classified, and even that should be enough to stop it. But I don’t like it because it’s thousands of pages, very complex, has to do with protectionism, even though it’s all done in the name of free trade. I’m a free trader, I believe in low tariffs, I believe that people can spend the money they want, but this has nothing to do with free trade. This has to do with managed trade, and it helps certain companies over others, and it’s a good way to get permission to put on tariffs and controls when you’re annoyed with what other companies are doing.

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Ron Paul Sounds Off On The Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement:

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