ICYMI: The Dalai Lama Says Obama Looks Like a Monk

If you missed last night's PoliticKING . . .

The 14th Dalai Lama gave his opinions on world leaders last night on PoliticKING. He said President Obama reminds him of a monk because of his short hair and ears. 

Watch the clip here: 

LARRY KING: I want your opinion of some leaders.What do you make of Assad, the president of Syria?

THE DALAI LAMA: I think in order to answer that I have to go to Syria and meet more people and analyze. Then I will give you answer.

LARRY KING:Netanyahu of Israel.

THE DALAI LAMA: I met few occasion. Quite tough.(LAUGH)

LARRY KING:Tough guy?Do you like him? You like everybody.

THE DALAI LAMA: But, again, you see, I think where some of his policies concerned, I have some reservation.

LARRY KING: The Chinese President Jinping.

THE DALAI LAMA: Xi Jinping. Basically as I mentioned earlier, some of his public expressions are something quite surprising.A communist leader, you see, saying some nice thing about Buddhism is something new.

LARRY KING: What do you think of Mr. Putin in Russia?

THE DALAI LAMA: Putin? Of course, I should sort of-- I should respect him, because he is the president of a great nation. And I think third term or something like that, isn't it?He first president. Then become prime minister. Then again become--

LARRY KING:President--

THE DALAI LAMA: --president.Too long, I think.(LAUGHTER)

LARRY KING:And finally, what do you think of President Obama?


LARRY KING: Have you met him?

THE DALAI LAMA: Oh Yes. Few occasions. Since first meeting, you see, I sorta jokingly express his sort of appearance. He looks like a monk. You see--very short hair. And his face also looks like, you see--


THE DALAI LAMA: Yes. As a distinguished monk like that. I love him.

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