Jeb Bush Takes Aim At Trump In New Campaign Ad

Political ad season is in full effect and Jeb Bush is targeting his new ad campaign entitled "Enough" directly at fellow GOP candidate Donald Trump. 

Jeb Bush, who has been floundering in the polls, released a campaign ad on Thursday entitled, “Enough,” taking aim at Donald Trump. The ad begins showing a screen of someone googling “Donald Trump is a jerk,” and goes on to focus on Bush and Trump’s contentious relationship. It is part of the campaign’s $4.6 million ad buy in the state of New Hampshire. Jeb tweeted the ad writing, “At what point do we say enough?”

The video references Trump making fun of a disabled reporter and then shows Jeb Bush talking with a disabled woman. It then shows Jeb at a rally speaking about the incident, “I think life is truly a gift from God … and when anybody disparages people with disabilities, it sets me off," he says. "That’s why I called him a jerk." Advocating for people with disabilities has been a significant part of Jeb’s platform since the beginning of his campaign.

Tim Dyar, whose 12-year-old son Brayden has cerebral palsy, is featured in the ad as well. Dyar explains that he decided to join Jeb’s campaign after seeing him stand up for the reporter. "That just made me so angry and I told my wife I couldn't let that stand,” he said. “I had to do something to make sure Donald Trump wasn't the nominee for the Republican Party."

The ad shows more clips of Bush speaking out against Trump and closes with the slogan, “Jeb Bush: Trusted leadership for a stronger America.”

Reed Dickens came on PolitcKING and spoke with Larry about Jeb’s tumultuous campaign.

-Bronte Price

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