Ron Paul Says Trump Will Likely Be The GOP Candidate

Ron Paul, whose son Rand is running for president, says it is "realistic" that Trump will be the nominee.

Former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) made waves recently after saying that Donald Trump will most likely be the GOP candidate chosen for the general election and not his son, the U.S. senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul. During an appearance on the Steve Malzberg Show the elder Paul was asked, “Realistically, is Trump going to be the nominee at this point?” Paul answered, “Well at this point he certainly is, realistically.” But he said that “If I had a limited sum of money ... I probably wouldn’t invest a whole lot.” He also said that the polling system putting out these numbers isn’t always fair, “There hasn’t even been a vote cast; it’s all been done by polling which, for the most part, it’s generally rigged,”

Rand Paul has been floundering in the polls, struggling to gain traction in key states. He decided to boycott the most recent GOP debate after being cut from the mainstage debate because of his low poll numbers.

Shortly after the Malberg interview aired, Ron Paul and his primary speculation about Trump began trending on social media. Many criticized him for saying that Trump would be the presidential candidate and not his son. Paul emailed Politico to clarify his statement "As usual the media can't get anything right. I responded to a poorly worded question, agreeing that it was 'realistic' at this point that Trump could win, not that he will win,” he wrote. “In fact, I then proceeded to say not one vote has been cast and this has all been trumped up by the media and rigged polls for entertainment. Rand is going to surprise everybody because freedom is popular and when it matters voters won't cast their lot with an authoritarian like Trump."

Ron Paul spoke with Larry recently about why he thinks his son Rand has a better chance of becoming president than he does. You can watch the full episode below:

-Bronte Price

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