Lena Dunham: Media’s Coverage Of Hillary “Rabidly Sexist”

The “Girls” star who has been stumping for Hillary Clinton in Iowa this month, told Variety why she is upset with the media’s coverage of the candidate.

Actress and producer Lena Dunham calls the media’s coverage of Hillary Clinton “rabidly sexist” in an interview with Variety. Dunham has been on the campaign trail in Iowa supporting Hillary for the last few weeks. She sat down with Variety over the weekend at Sundance while promoting her new documentary "Suited." “The way that Hillary Clinton’s been talked about in the media is so gendered and rabidly sexist in every single portrayal,” she said. “Whether it’s the attacks on her personal life or the adjectives that are used to describe her clothing, we have to do a full reexamination.”

Although she didn’t reference any specific publication, Dunham said she wished she could make a list of adjectives for the media not to use. “Like I literally want to make a list that we hand to media outlets that says, ‘These are the words you can’t use when describing a female candidate: shrill, inaccessible, difficult, frumpy, plastic.”

Referencing the disparity between the media’s treatment of men and women, Dunham said, “If we were allowed to talk about male candidates like that, I’d have a f–king field day.”

Willie Nelson, Ashley Judd, Elizabeth Banks, and Scooter Braun have all expressed support for Sec. Clinton, during interviews with Larry King recently. Braun recently came on Larry King Now and spoke about his support for the candidate. “I realized, and I was disappointed with myself, that if Hillary Clinton was a man, I would have already been supporting her.” You can watch the full clip below:

-Bronte Price

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