Does Donald Trump Think Paris Is In Germany?

After a confusing tweet this morning, the jury is still out on whether or not Donald Trump thinks Paris is in Germany.

Donald Trump’s seemingly unstoppable campaign has been riddled with many gaffes and oddities, the most recent occurring this morning on Twitter when, at first glance, it appears that Trump thinks Paris is in Germany. The internet responded accordingly as “Paris In Germany” trended on Twitter throughout the day. Some defended Trump, saying he was referring to two different incidents, while others mocked him. The tweet makes it hard to decipher exactly what Trump is referring to in Germany. He could either be referring to Paris, in Germany, or to a separate event occurring in Germany. The tweet reads, “Man shot inside Paris police station. Just announced that terror threat is at highest level. Germany is a total mess-big crime. GET SMART!” The beginning of his tweet is referring to the incident in Paris this morning in which a man was shot dead after attempting to attack a police station. On the first anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, an unidentified man walked into the police station with a butcher’s knife in the northern Paris neighborhood of Barbes, reportedly yelling "Allahu Akbar." Officials say the man, who was shot trying to enter the station, also had a fake explosive device and a printed out picture of the ISIS flag.

The cause for confusion comes in the second half of his tweet when Trump refers to Germany. Defenders of Trump say that “Germany is a total mess-big crime” is referring to the recent incident in Cologne in which multiple women were sexually assaulted and robbed during a New Year's celebration.

Trump has not yet commented on what he was referring to in Germany, or if in fact, he is suggesting that Paris is not in France. It is hard to believe that a presidential candidate would believe such a thing, however, without specificity one can only guess. 

-Bronte Price

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