Poll of the Week: Should Obama Pick the Next Supreme Court Justice?

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has created yet another divide between Republicans and Democrats

By: Saher Khalil - 'PoliticKING'

After the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, many Republicans took to twitter to state why Obama should not have the right to fill Scalia’s seat. Ted Cruz has been most vocal, taking to twitter to claim that the next president should be the one to appoint someone to fill Scalia’s seat:

One republican that has been vocal that Obama should have the right to fill Scalia’s seat is former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Sandra Day O’Connor.

“I think we need somebody, there, now, to do the job, and let’s get on with it,” said O’Connor“We just have to pick the person you can under the circumstances as the appointing the authority must do,” she said. "And it’s an important position and one that we should care about as a nation and as a people and I wish that the president will as he makes choices and goes down that line."

Regardless of whether or not you think Obama has the right to replace the seat, most people agree that the death of Scalia was a great loss. But some think that we are better off with no longer having him on the Supreme Court. Watch the clip below to see why Larry Flynt wasn’t Scalia’s biggest fan.

What do you think? Does Obama have the right to fill Scalia’s seat in the Supreme Court ? Answer the poll and sound off in the comments below!

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