Clinton Wins, Trump Loses: Iowa Caucus Recap

Here’s what you need to know about last night’s Iowa caucus.

The Iowa Caucus, which kicked off the 2016 election year last night, proved to be both exciting and surprising. While the caucuses do not technically allot votes to any candidate, they can provide real momentum and the first form of substantive voting opposed the often finicky polling data which campaigns have so far relied on. Although the event is controversial for it’s lack of accessibility and odd voting system, especially on the democratic side which lacks anonymity, many Americans tuned in last night to watch results unfold.

On the Republican side, Trump got his first taste of loss so far in the election. Ted Cruz won the Caucus with 28% to Trump’s 24%. Marco Rubio placed third with 23%.

On the Democratic side, tensions were high as Sanders and Clinton remained tied throughout the night. The final count gave Clinton the win with 700.59 state delegate equivalents to Sanders’ 696.82. Hillary Clinton became the first woman to win the Iowa caucus. As Martin O’Malley failed to hit the viability threshold of 15%, his voters had to choose a different candidate and were being courted by both sides.

O’Malley, who entered the race in May and has failed to gain traction in the polls, suspended his campaign after the caucus in Des Moines on Monday night. "This fight continues," he said with his family by his side. "We fought very, very hard in order to give the people a choice, and the people made their choice tonight."We have to hold strong to the values that make us Americans. And that, too, was what this tough fight was about."

GOP candidate, Mike Huckabee, winner of the 2008 Iowa caucus, also suspended his campaign Monday night. "He is going to continue to push for the issues he believes, but right now this is about thanking his staff and supporters and being with his friends and families and see what doors will open next," said Huckabee's spokesman Hogan Gidley. Huckabee tweeted, "I am officially suspending my campaign. Thank you for all your loyal support. #ImWithHucK"

-Bronte Price

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