Swedish Girl Rescued From ISIS Speaks Out

The Swedish teen rescued from ISIS tells of the “hard life” under ISIS’ rule.

By Bronte Price, PoliticKING

Marlin Stivani Nivarlain, a 16-year-old Swedish girl, was rescued from ISIS territory on Feb. 17th in northern Iraq. Kurdish special forces rescued the girl from Mosul after she was able to get ahold of her mother and ask for help.

Nivarlain gave a television interview to a Kurdish news station explaining how she got to ISIS’ self proclaimed caliphate. Kurdistan 24 (K24), which is a broadcast news station based out of Irbil Iraq, aired an interview with the girl on Tuesday.

According to Nivarlain, who speaks in English in the interview, her involvement with ISIS began her boyfriend started watching videos of ISIS and showing her. He eventually persuaded her to travel to ISIS territory with him from her hometown of Boras in southwest Sweden. The girl says she first met her boyfriend around the age of 14 when she stopped attending school. "First we (were) good together, but then he started to look at ISIS videos and started to speak about them and stuff like that," she told K24.

She explains that she didn’t know anything about Islam or ISIS prior to traveling to the Middle East. “Then he said he wanted to go to ISIS, and I said OK, no problem," she explained.

The couple left to join ISIS in May of 2015. They first traveled on trains through Europe and then eventually crossed over the Turkey border into Syria via bus.

Once in Syria, the couple was met by ISIS and taken by bus to Mosul, ISIS territory in northern Iraq, where they were given a house. "In the house, we didn't have anything, no electricity, no water, nothing," she told K24.

She continued that life under ISIS was "totally different" from life in Sweden. “It was really a hard life," she says.

At the end of the interview, Nivarlain expressed gratitude for the forces which rescued her. "I want to thank them to send me back to Sweden and meet my family again and have a happy life," she said.

According to reports, Nivarlain will be transferred to Swedish authorities and will return home once necessary arrangements are put in place.

Here’s what Joby Warrick has to say about the rise of ISIS:

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