Does Chris Christie Want A Shot At VP?

The New Jersey Governor came out in support of Trump on Friday, causing speculation about his intentions.

By Bronte Price, PoliticKING

Chris Christie endorsed Trump on Friday after showing up unannounced to a Trump rally in Fort Worth, Texas. "I will lend my support between now and November in any way for Donald," Christie said to reporters who were reportedly “shocked” to hear the news.

His endorsement comes a day after Trump was mocked by Rubio in the last GOP debate before Super Tuesday. Rubio accused Trump of being repetitive, which was a similar tactic Christie took against Rubio.

The New Jersey Governor’s endorsement brings him back into the political spotlight just after he dropped out of the race. It also gives him a platform to speak out against Florida Senator Marco Rubio who he sees as an “unqualified lightweight.”According to the New York Times, Christie believes that Rubio “stole his donors, enchanted the Republican elite and destroyed his chances of becoming the nominee with a series of hard-edged attacks from Mr. Rubio’s campaign and the “super PAC” supporting him.”

This is the first major elected official to endorse Trump. If elected, the real-estate mogul would be greatly indebted to Christie, who did not say that he is looking for a VP spot. He didn’t say, however, that he is NOT looking to be VP. Christie claimed that he wants to see out the remainder of his time as Governor and then wants to “go into private life and make money like Trump.”

A source told CNN that Christie wants to be a factor in the election, and after his attack on Rubio in the debate in New Hampshire, Christie “relishes” the role of being Trump's top attack dog.

Here’s what Jesse Ventura and Roger Stone have to say about Chris Christie:

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