Elizabeth Warren Defends Sanders Against Goldman Sachs

Although she has not yet endorsed Sanders, Warren steps up to the plate to defend him.

By: Bronte PricePoliticKING

Elizabeth Warren came to Bernie Sanders’ defense on Wednesday after Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, said Sanders’ ant-Wall Street rhetoric could be “dangerous” for the Vermont senator. After Sanders was asked in January to cite an example of corporate greed, he listed Blankfein. Although the CEO claimed he didn’t take it personally, he said, “It has the potential to personalize it, it has the potential to be a dangerous moment. Not just for Wall Street not just for the people who are particularly targeted but for anybody who is a little bit out of line,”

In an interview with International Business Times, Warren defended Sanders saying, "He thinks it’s fine to prosecute small business owners, it’s fine to go hard after individuals who have no real resources, but don’t criticize companies like Goldman Sachs and their very, very important CEO — that’s what he’s really saying,”

Warren has not endorsed a Democratic candidate yet, but some suspect she will back Sanders. It is also rumored that he will choose her as his VP if he wins the nomination. Warren told IBT that statements like this show why American voters need to focus on Wall Street’s power during the 2016 election.

“That tells you here we are, seven years after the crisis and these guys still don’t get it. Seven years. That crisis cost an estimated $14 trillion, it cost jobs, it cost homes, it cost retirement funds,” she told IBT. “And Lloyd Blankfein stands up and says ‘Don’t even criticize me, I ran a company that was right at the heart of some of the biggest financial frauds in history and made money off it, but don’t you dare criticize me.’ That’s his position? That’s why we need voters to get really engaged.”

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