Poll: Clinton & Sanders Would Top Trump In General Election

A new poll from CNN shows that Trump would lose in a general election against either Democratic candidate.

By Bronte Price, PoliticKING

According to a new CNN/ORC poll, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders easily top Republican front-runner Donald Trump in hypothetical general election match-ups. Clinton is beating Trump 52% to 44% among registered voters. According to CNN, that result has tilted in Clinton's favor since the last poll on the match up in January.

The poll also shows that Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, would actually face a stronger challenge from either Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz. Clinton is behind Rubio, with 50% choosing Rubio compared to 47% for Clinton. These results remain unchanged from January. Clinton is also trailing Cruz with 48% to his 49%. a slight tightening from a 3-point race in January to a 1-point match-up now.

Bernie Sanders has the most positive favorable ratings of all presidential candidates in the field. According to the poll, Sanders tops all three Republicans by a large margin. He is winning by57% to 40% against Cruz, 55% to 43% against Trump, and 53% to 45% against Rubio. Bernie Sanders is currently polling better than Clinton in each match up among men, younger voters and independents.

Front-runners, Clinton and Trump both have negative favorability according to the poll. Almost 6 in 10 have a negative view of Trump, 59% with 38% favorable, and 53% have a negative view of Clinton, while 44% see her positively.

The economy is by far and the top concern amongst voters. 47% say the economy is their most important concern as they decide who to vote for, followed by 19% for health care, 14% terrorism, 10% foreign policy and 8% illegal immigration.

Here's what Larry Flynt thinks about Ted Cruz:

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