Florida Gov. Rick Scott responds to Starbucks protester

The Republican Governor was publicly shamed by a woman in a Starbucks last week. Here’s what you need to know.

By Bronte Price, PoliticKING

UPDATE April 11, 2016: A political action committee supportingFlorida Gov. Rick Scott recently released an advertisement online, attacking Cara Jennings, the woman whose confrontation at a Starbucks with the Governor went viral just last week.  

The PAC, called Let's Get to Work, calls Jennings in the ad "a terribly rude woman" who "clearly has a problem."  The video took some political pundits by surprise, as it's not everyday we see a politician's political committee target a private citizen.   

Check out the advertisement below: 

Jennings herself released a statement in the Sun Sentinel.  "Gov. Scott and his PAC are bullies," she said. "Instead of addressing the issues I brought up he's using the power of his PAC to try to intimidate someone who spoke out against his policies."

Florida Governor Rick Scott got an earful at a Starbucks in Gainesville on Tuesday. A woman, who is clearly not a Scott supporter, immediately started heckling Scott when he entered the coffee shop.

The woman, who has been identified as Cara Jennings by ABC Action News says to Scott, “You cut Medicaid, so I couldn’t get Obamacare.”

When one of Scott’s aids approaches Jennings, asking her to quiet down, she replied, “I’m not talking to you.” Jennings then points her finger at Scott and says, “You’re an asshole. You don’t care about working people. You should be ashamed to show your face around here.”

She continues, “You don’t care about working people. You should be ashamed to show your face around here.” Scott responds by boasting that he’s created over a million jobs.

“A million jobs? Great, who here has a great job?” Jennings says. “Or is looking forward to finishing school?

After Jennings asks, “Who here has a great job?”, Scott can be heard responding, “You should…”

The Governor then decided not to get coffee and began walking out.

“Shame on you Rick Scott,” Jennings called after him. “We depend on those services. Rich people like you don’t know what to do! When poorer people like us need services you cut them. Shame on you Rick Scott! You’re an embarrassment to our state!”

According to ABC Action News, Jennings, 39, is a stay at home mom from Lake Worth, Florida. She works part time, and said that she knows many people finding jobs are receiving low wages, which is why she dismissed Scott's response about job creation.

Jennings said that although the customers around her were silent when she was calling out the Governor, they spoke up after he left. “A number of people came up to me and thanked me,” she said.

Here’s what Jesse Ventura has to say about Rick Scott:

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