Did Trump Lift Foreign Policy Pitch from PoliticKING?

Donald Trump may have given his first major speech on the would-be foreign policies of his administration, but scholar Stephen F. Cohen named most of the key points weeks before Trump ever got behind the podium!  Cohen notes the topics are worthy of public discussion no matter who brings them up, or what side you're on.

Brandon Davis, PoliticKING

“Well, it's not so much what he said that I agree with,” said Scholar Stephen F. Cohen.“He asked questions that are on my mind…”

Stephen Cohen, one of the foremost Russia scholars in the United States, who advised President George H.W Bush on the U.S.S.R., and also taught Russian studies at Princeton and NYU, talked with Larry King in early April to discuss the state of the world and America’s foreign policies.  Things took a surprising turn when Cohen, who does not support Donald Trump’s run for the White House, listed the strengths he saw in Trump’s talk of foreign policy.  Even more interesting, it looks like Mr. Trump tuned in himself and cherry picked some ideas for his administration.  Take a look for yourself.

Trump said:

Point Number One:

What Trump said in his speech:

Point Number Two:

What Trump said:

Point Number Three:

Trump said:

Point Number Four:

Trump went on:

Point Number Five:


Want to listen to Mr. Cohen in his interview with Larry King?  Take a look at the clip below, or click to watch the full episode!

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