Sanders & Cruz make up ground in The Badger State

Wisco InBERNo and Cruz Control: with the Wisconsin primary in the books, both party races tighten.

By Matthew Pryce, PoliticKING

Bernie Sanders, the senator from Vermont on a mission to bring about a political revolution, took a step closer to achieving that goal yesterday in Wisconsin. The democratic socialist was projected the Wisconsin primary winner very early on in the evening.

Capturing 47 delegates, Sanders narrowed frontrunner Hillary Clinton’s previously insurmountable lead to a reachable 252. With several hundred delegates at stake in the upcoming New York, California, and Pennsylvania contests, a good showing for Sanders could see him eclipsing what was one perceived as an unbeatable Clinton juggernaut.

Graciously, Hillary Clinton tweeted:

But, as The Washington Times reports, it’s going to get ugly quick:

The Hillary Clinton campaign has “lost patience” and will start going after Sen. Bernard Sanders much harder and hoping to destroy his campaign, CNN reported Tuesday night.

In a report after Mrs. Clinton’s latest defeat at the hands of the Vermont socialist, reporter Jeff Zeleny said the Clinton campaign has decided that party unity can come later.

Sanders, who has run a squeaky clean campaign, often refusing to comment on a variety of so-called scandals surrounding Mrs. Clinton, is gaining ground. This statement reeks of worry as Sanders has had a strong showing in all of the latest primaries, caucuses, and appears to be gaining ground in the upcoming primaries too. 

The GOP side of the ticket was flung into further disarray as Ted Cruz cruised to a crushing victory over frontrunner Donald Trump. Initially positing himself as anti-establishment candidate, Cruz was outdone by Trump presenting himself as further outside the Beltway circle. The GOP race is so chaotic that Cruz has circled back as the presumed #NeverTrump option – the last line of Republican defense between the orange one and the The White House.

The race may only get tighter and more convoluted as Trump will likely bolster his lead in his home state of New York’s upcoming primary – a state where Ted Cruz support is pretty thin and a place that Ted Cruz himself has badmouthed.

John Kasich was also the ballot in Wisconsin, but it barely merits a mention.

This 2016 race has been wild. With both tickets tightening, we’re still in for a white-knuckle ride as we march toward the conventions.

Watch former N.C. democratic congressional candidate - and 'American Idol' alumn - Clay Aiken speak to Larry King about why he hopes Bernie Sanders doesn't give Hillary Clinton a clear path to the nomination:

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