Tommy Chong feels ‘snubbed’ by Sanders campaign

After his invitation was rescinded from speaking at a Sanders rally, the comedian expressed his disappointment.

By Bronte Price, PoliticKING

Tommy Chong, who has been an outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter said he got “snubbed” by the campaign on Monday. The comedian complained on Twitter after the Sanders campaign rescinded its invitation to have him speak at a Los Angeles rally.

"I have done lots of campaigning for Bernie, his causes, and the messaging his campaign staff has either emailed or contacted me directly on," Chong wrote on Twitter, adding, "After months of support and endorsement videos, I have to report that Bernie Sanders pulled away his invite to me."

Chong told reporters he felt snubbed by the Sanders campaign. “It’s lip service to get the votes, but they don’t want to endorse what I stand for and what I’ve stood for all my professional career,” Chong said. “It was an insult.”

Later on the day, however, Chong seemed less offended by the cancellation. "Hey just heard that there was a scheduling conflict with the Bernie Sanders rally!" he tweeted. "Hope to continue my support, reschedule, and continue activism, political change and promoting peace anywhere possible."

Chong released a public service announcement in support of Sanders in late January.

"There is one candidate who stands head and shoulders above them all who has weathered many storms and is totally ready to be the commander in chief, or the commander in kush, as I like to say," Chong wrote.

Chong has been a strong proponent for legalizing marijuana for decades. Sanders, howevers, has not yet come out completely in support for legalization. The comedian described Sanders as being "like the best kind of weed you can get, because he's the answer to all our problems."

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