Clinton takes aim at Trump & Bernie supporters cry #DropOutHillary

Hillary Clinton released a new ad taking aim at Trump, while Bernie Sanders says he isn’t dropping out.

By Bronte Price, PoliticKING

As Hillary inches closer to clinching the nomination, she has resisted telling Bernie to drop out, even though Twitter has not resisted telling her to drop out.

"I'm not calling myself that (the presumptive nominee)," Clinton told CNN. "I know there are some contests ahead and I respect Sen. Sanders and whatever choices he's making. And I have a lot of empathy about this. You know, I ran to the very end in 2008."

Bernie Sanders has told reporters that he is staying in the race until the last primary and the nation will be better off for it.  An NPR reporter asked Sanders if he is "threatening his revolution" by continuing to run, potentially scaring some voters away from supporting Hillary Clinton, who is the likely Democratic nominee, in November. Sanders replied, "I think we are perpetuating the political revolution by significantly increasing the level of political activity that we're seeing in this country.” He added, "I think it is good for the United States of America, good for the Democratic Party, to have a vigorous debate, to engage people in the political process."

#DropOutHillary, which began trending on Twitter following the Indiana primaries, aims to get Hillary Clinton to quit the race just as Ted Cruz and John Kasich did. Cruz and Kisch, however, dropped out due to low delegate counts, whereas Clinton is leading in pledged delegates and in the popular vote.

Clinton appears to be pivoting toward the general election in a new campaign ad that takes on the presumptive Republican Nominee, Donald Trump. The ad is a compilation of criticism that Trump's fellow Republicans have said about him during the primary campaign season. In it, Mitt Romney calls Trump a misogynist, Marco Rubio claims he's the most "vulgar person to ever aspire to the presidency," and Jeb Bush says that Trump needs therapy. Opening with a clip of Trump calling himself “a unifier,” the ad proceeds to let Republicans do the talking.

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