Is Donald Trump 'illegally' spamming for funds?

Government watchdog groups have filed complaints alleging the Trump campaign broke federal election laws by fundraising to several foreign nationals.

By Brandon Davis, PoliticKING

“I’m fighting back against Crooked Hillary and her pathetic cronies, as well as the dishonest liberal media, and I need your help,” reads one email from a string of emails that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign have reportedly landed in inboxes around the world.  One recipient, Sir Roger Gale, a member of British Parliament, is barred by U.S.  law from giving Trump money, and certainly can’t vote for him -- but that didn’t stop the Trump campaign from allegedly contacting members of Parliament in the U.K., Australia, and Iceland with requests for illegal campaign contributions.  On Tuesday, Talking Points Memo reported that several of U.K. MPs have had their in-boxes packed by Trump’s “intemperate spam.”

“I’ve gotten rid of most of that rubbish,” Gale said in an interview.

The emails are part of a fundraising wave reportedly sent by the Trump campaign in recent days all over the world.  The solicitations stirred watchdog groups in Washington to file two separate complaints with the Federal Election Commission saying that the Trump campaign was breaking federal law by soliciting funds from foreign nationals.

“Given his rhetoric on migrants, refugees, and immigration, it seems quite extraordinary that he would be asking for money; especially people who view his dangerous divisiveness with horror." Says Scottish MP Natalie McGarry.

This is only the latest fundraising mishap by Trump’s presidential campaign, which started June with $1.3 million and has been rushing to put build a financial operation that can take on the well-funded campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s campaign did not respond to requests for comment on the complaints to the FEC or questions about why emails were sent to foreign lawmakers.

Journalist, James Poulos, weighs in on Trump and the election:

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