5 Tips to Trick Your Kids into Eating Healthy

Stubborn kids won't eat their veggies? Try these 5 tips to trick your kids into eating healthy!

On this week's The Real Girls Kitchen episode "The "H" Word" Jenna Dewan Tatum volunteers Haylie to cook for a group of kids.....the next day!  Haylie makes it her goal to create healthy and delicious food the kids will actually eat. 

Here's some great tips (or tricks) to use with your kids:

1) Hide Vegetables in foods that they enjoy

For example, hide kale or spinach in smoothies or broccoli and cauliflower in mac and cheese (like our recipe here!)

You can also check out Haylie's healthy (shhhhBBQ PINEAPPLE PIZZA

2) Involve them! 

Go grocery shopping and cook with them.  It helps make them feel part of the process.

PopSugar has some great tips on this here!

3) Find something they love which is also healthy for them

Haylie sneaks in Almond Butter to make this delicious treat

4) Make food into fun shapes!  

Pinterstis filled with fun and creative ideas for this.

5) Make food fun

We love this idea from Organic Authority: 

"If your kid baulks at the idea of eating broccoli, tell her she just needs to eat five of the “little, green trees” to outrun all her dinosaur friends. Or if your child turns his nose up at carrots, tell him that in order to be the fastest bunny around, all he has to do is eat three carrots. Storytelling works!"

If all else fails you can try this....

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