Sarah Haider Discusses Ex-Muslim's of North America

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Sarah continued the string of people I'd connected with via Twitter who I was able to have on the show. I knew her originally from a speech she gave at the American Humanist Association last spring. It was an honest, eloquent, and heartfelt talk about her journey to becoming an ex-Muslim. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. You can click here for the video.

We talked about her history, her awakening, and her mission. She talked about how she had been shocked to find that her most vociferous critics were people on the left. This, of course, has become a through line in many of the interviews I've done and something that still needs exploring. Why would people on the left, the liberals, be so against people standing up for liberal values? We dug into this, especially her feelings about Reza Aslan. (Hint: She does not particularly like him.)

One thing that's really great about doing a show like this is seeing my guests connect with each other and interact outside of our conversation. Sam Harris' Project Reason recently made a donation to Sarah's group Ex-Muslims of North America. Hopefully that money will help find many more Sarah Haider's. I don't know what Sarah's future plans are but I hope her voice and message continue to grow and be amplified.

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