Three Regressive Reactions to the Cologne Attacks

As you may or may not have heard, there were a series of absolutely horrific attacks on women in Cologne, Germany on New Year's Day. I say 'may or may not have heard about' because the story seemingly took days to get to mainstream outlets and still seems to be going under-reported. While I recommend you read about it yourself, the crux of the story is that 500 to 1,000 men of 'Arab or North African descent' attacked and sexually assaulted countless women in the middle of the city.

Reaction to the story has ranged from outrage to shock to victim blaming and conspiracy theories. I thought I would share three reactions with you that are perfect examples of why it's so important that those of us who stand for liberal values, human dignity, and in this case, women's rights, must stand against the ideas of the Regressive Left.

1. First, a portion of the response from the mayor of Cologne, who herself was stabbed by an attacker only a few months ago....

This is an incredible case of victim-blaming. These women were basically hunted down on the streets of her city and she somehow thinks that if women would only keep their distance it would solve the problem. It's a staggering lack of awareness and fear of addressing the real problem...the attackers themselves.

2. The next response is from feminist activist Laurie Penny...

This is a page directly out of Regressive 101. Instead focusing on those who committed these crimes, she turns her focus on the people who are calling out the crime. Not only that, but she has created a total straw man here; She claims people don't care about women's safety unless it can be a way of bashing Muslims. This is nothing less than offensive nonsense. If the group committing the crimes were Neo-Nazis, Jews or Ewoks, I, and most sane people, would have exactly the same reaction. Her need to score political points at the expense of the women she supposedly cares for is utterly appalling.

3. Finally, this gem from France's Coppola, who apparently is a writer for Forbes...

She tosses out an absolutely unproven conspiracy theory that takes the blame off the men who committed the crimes and blames it on 'anti-immigration' people. Yes, because you know how much influence the anti-immigration people have over the migrants. Her line of thinking is actually dangerous, because she not only minimizes the blame of the perpetrators, but also find up anger on another group with absolutely no evidence.

These are just a few examples of the profoundly misguided and dangerously pandering voices of the Regressive Left. I stand with these women not because I'm a bigot, a racist or a xenophobe. I stand with them because these women are mothers, daughters, sisters and wives. They deserve to be treated with dignity as human beings, not as cattle like their attackers believe, or as political pawns as some on the left believe.

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