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TeenChef Pro S4E2: Pro S4E2: #ChooseRestaurants

Oct 21, 2018 …

12 TeenChefs have been chosen by our 3 MentorChefs to compete on the culinary educational journey of a lifetime - a chance to win a four year scholarship to Johnson & Wales University, a valuable stepping stone in their dream to become a professional chef. 

Who can take the heat and make the cut? Teen Chef Pro season four competition begins now!

TeenChef Pro S4E1: A Single Pro S4E1: A Single Flame

Oct 14, 2018 …

Hopeful teens have 10 minutes to cook and prepare an amuse-bouche; a single bite to convince one of three MentorChefs to choose them to compete on their team. Oh, and there's no electricity. But for these teens, it's no problem.

Only 12 TeenChef's will be chosen to compete for the educational opportunity of a lifetime - a four year scholarship to the prestigious Johnson & Wales University Culinary Arts program, and...

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