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So That Happened! (Sizzle Reel)

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Horrifying Flatworm Sex, Naked Wal-Mart Milk Man, Scandalous Pope Art!

So That HappenedJul 02 '15

In our debut episode, we head to depths of the ocean, and explore a startling and graphic new discovery regarding the sexual mating habits of flatworms. Then, we head to a Wal-Mart in Kentucky, where a naked man decided it was a great idea to pour milk on his head and scream that he was on fire. Next, we head to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where a new portrait of the Pope is drawing serious backlash from the church because of the controversial medium that was used to create it. And finally, we check in with Nathaniel "Bubba" Sweetwater, a fictional Senator from Oklahoma, who is hosting a press conference regarding his opinion on the Supreme Court's decision regarding the legalization of gay marriage. Additional music by Kevin MacLeod.