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Woman Cracks Head During Boat Shenanigans

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Local Dad Totally Pissed Off By Gold Bikini Slave Leia Action Figure

So That HappenedJul 23 '15

I'm sorry, but if you are a man who is over the age of, I don't know, let's say 28 - and you are not familiar with the Gold Bikini Slave Leia action figure, or if you even question it's tastefulness - then I propose that you should have to cut off your penis and turn in your man card. Sorry. Just the way it has to be. Even if you are a dad. Maybe even especially if you are a dad. If you are a dad, and you haven't seen Star Wars, and you aren't showing Star Wars (original trilogy, of course) to your kids, then maybe you don't deserve your kids. Strong words? Yes. But this is a very serious topic, and this dad has it all wrong...