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Fire Alarm During A Newscast? Sure. Why Not.

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Portland's Sex Toy Fairy, Detroit's Satan Statue, Spray-On Condom!

So That HappenedAug 04 '15

Up first we head to Portland, where a college educated, Mini Cooper driving, underemployed millennial has been littering the city with dildos tied together like nunchuks. Then we head to Detroit, where the local Satanic Temple unveiled its crown jewel, a 9-foot, 1-ton, goat-headed demon beast statue who is surrounded by two smiling and inquisitive children. And lastly, we head to NYC, where a design major has announced her plans and prototype for the the world's first spray-on condom, not to be confused with the last time this happened in 2006, when a German scientist did the exact same thing. We'll also take a look at a trailer for a brand new film, The Lion King: The Retribution of Cecil, and we'll check in with a live FBI press conference surrounding the hack of, the world's first and probably last dating site for adulterers.